Thursday, September 29, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 168.

Today was one of those days where I got dressed inside and then walked out to the car only to realise how cold and miserable a day it was. I was not prepared to go inside to add tights or change so decided to just roll with this slightly-inappropriate-for-the-weather getup.

p 1083

p 1091

p 1094

p 1093

p 1086Wearing:
top: all about eve @ myer
skirt: cue @ vinnies
flats: eBay
blazer: esprit outlet

yay it's Friday tomorrow. That means its one day closer to my favourite twice-annual church sale. I usually go with mum and the boy tags along but this time mum will be out of town so the boy has to play mum and boy role. Basically we need to make sure we get in there as soon as it opens and scour the room for our favourite things and then do an in depth look to find hidden treasures.

Mum and I are actually contemplating starting a vintage hire business to hire out props and crockery/cutlery/pretties for photo shoots, weddings and parties. As far as we can tell there is nothing like that in our neck of the woods and more and more people are using props and vintage paraphernalia in event styling. My wedding in 5 weeks will be a great showcase for our dinnerwear stock and then hopefully we'll be able to get up and running. First call of business is actually coming up with a name.

I need your help!

We have stuff like old radios, gramophones, maps, suitcases, bikes, barware, picnic sets, crockery, cutlery, napkins, and much more. You can see how they could be used here in our e-shoot as well as here where mum supplied some old timber tennis racquets.

I had come up with Hoarders Vintage Hire and then would put a tag line underneath to further explain what is up for hire but am totally up for suggestions. Do you think having a word like hoarders could have negative connotations?

Over to you vintage lovers ; )

Over and Out



Nelly said...

Well 1st of I have to say a huge thankyou for my lovley parcel LOVE IT!! secondly I so wish I was able to go that church sale and 3rdly I love your idea for hiring out vintage I would love to do that with my vintage clothes and other bits
I love the name you chose to me it would be a great name but then I am terrible at naming anything.But as I am a horader I love that name

Nelly said...

Back to say I am at this link and have the exact same radio on my shelf was my mums from the 50s and I LOVE it.Love all the pics there and next time I find a wooden scrabble set I will let you know.and that car is my dream car but I want a ute instead to carry all my treasure finds.

Kat said...

That is such a great idea! My dream is to start my own business. I would love to open a yarn store on the Gold Coast. There are no speciality yarn stores here. You have to go to Brisbane and even they only have 3 or 4. You could call it something like Vintage Chic or Shabby Chic Theming. You wouldn't need hire in the name. Now if you come up with some cool names for a yarn store let me know.