Friday, September 30, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 169.

Today I didn't have the urge to choose something to wear so after managing to go for almost 9 working months I finally caved and decided to wear one of our non-compulsory uniform polo shirts. This is a pretty typical uniform in our section particularly on Fridays. I did get a few weird looks this morning as this is not something I have ever worn before.

What type of person are you?  If you are provided a uniform, are you happy to wear it every day and keep your personal clothes for non-work purposes? Or are you like me and like to show your style and individualism day in, day out? Lots of people like the ease of not having to choose an outfit in the mornings but I like the challenge.

what do you reckon, should they put this on the website?

p 1115

I am already on the home page and maybe that picture is slightly nicer?


Nothing special today.

p 1116
 p 1103 p 1102

p 1101 
shirt: uniform
jeans: lee riders
shoes: diana ferrari @ vinnies

Hopefully on Monday I'll have some exciting treasures to share with you! Have a great Friday and weekend.

Over and Out



aelie said...

Sometimes it would be nice to have a uniform and not have to come up with interesting outfits everyday, but I'm sure I would get sick of it soon enough!

Nelly said...

I always feel sorry when I see ugly uniforms and often wonder how i would wear it in my own style Am I weird or is that normal? lol