Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 172.

I've gone a bit hippy, hippy shake today ... quite unintentionally but still hippy all the same. I reckon I could have fit in quite well in the 70s ... maxis, crochet/lace, bright colours - all staples in my wardrobe.




DSC04673  DSC04675    Wearing:
dress: supre (i think it was like $2.50)
lace top: dotti
sandals: melissa
sunnies: vintage

Went to the dressmaker yesterday afternoon with mum to get my dress pinned in preparation for alterations. The tricky thing I've learnt is picking a dress early on in the piece can lead to doubts ... doubts that you maybe didn't search around enough; doubts that maybe your dress is not the right dress for you.

well, once the dressed was all pinned ALL MY DOUBTS WERE DIMINISHED. I LOVE my dress and can't wait for you all to see it! It's only 31 days now to our big day ... holy crap that is soon!

Over and Out



Confessions of a Brunette Goddess XI said...

Love the head piece! Its reminding me of Nicole Ritchie!

christie said...

holy crap 31 days!!

You look fab all hippy btw - you would of totally suited growing up in the 70s!

xx christie


Anonymous said...

takes me back in time - the headpiece and the lace.

Tales of Lace & Frills said...

Cannot wait to see your stunning self in this gorgeous wedding dress!!!! Bring on the weekend shenanigans;)


mestizay said...

Great boho look! i love the top!