Monday, July 11, 2011

Op Shop Finds - July Edition

Mum and I braved a chilly Saturday morning in Toowoomba on a quest for some bargains, and bargains we got. I won't bore you with all the copious amounts of crockery I scored for the wedding collection but instead show you a few of my favourite finds. These include a vintage scrabble board, a cute Walt Disney rabbit squeaky toy (does anyone recognise the character?), a beautiful tin and a pre-1970s camera.

The first three items were picked up at a church jumble sale - my favourite kind of garage sale! I got a whole pile of stuff including an old mirror and industrial fan (currently awaiting repairs over at mum and dad's place), some Meakin crockery, a magazine holder and other treasures for a grand sum of $14. Can't go wrong!





I couldn't get a great pic of the camera so here is a pic courtesy of everyone's favourite online encyclopedia, Wikipedia! It's a Yashica Minister III reportedly introduced into the market in 1963. Mum and I got a whole pile of stuff from this garage sale and I offered the lady $5 for this (she had said it was $10) and it was a deal. I wonder if it's usable?! Might have to do some research!

Happy treasure hunting!

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danielle said...

Ooh- great bargains!! Is it thumper from bambi??

J said...

Yep, Thumper from bambi!!
Would be cool if that camera does work!

Kat said...

Yeah that is definitely thumper! He is so cute.

karlyn Jackson said...

great to find old games in such great condition and i love that little tin.

JeTaimeVintage said...

Thats the cutest little tin! So envious, I never seem to find cute tins.Love the camera too, they just look so nice even if they dont work. Thanks

Vix said...

Definately Thumper from Bambi! Great finds, that camera's a beaut! x

Rhiannon said...

That is a gorgeous tin, I love it!!