Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 114.

How do you turn brown and drab to brown and fab? Simple! Add a $3.00 retro bag from the op shop for a pop of colour!

Okay, so this outfit isn't so fab but don't you agree that the bag is?! I actually thought my under top was more close in colour to my dress but apparently i got dressed in the dark this morning. These colours combos are ALL WRONG!! What a complete disaster of an outfit : (



DSC03595    DSC03599   DSC03602  DSC03604

top: Target (thrifted)
dress: cue
tights: asos
boots: windsor smith
bag: thrifted (with tags for $3.00)
sunnies: Witchery (thrifted) new with tags for $2.00

Clashing colours will not be prominent tomorrow I promise. And hopefully manicured eyebrows will feature sometime this week.

Over and Out



Kat said...

that bag is adorable! thanks for the comment on my blog. They are renovating that building in cavill so pizza hut hasn't been there for a while. Not sure if they are going to put it back in but I hope so. Pizza Hut is corey's favourite place.

christie said...

I love your earrings - I have ones just like them! xx


Erica Louise said...

Love the bag!!

Clazzerati said...

wowzers, that bag is so rad! good work! x