Monday, July 11, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 113.


Brrrrr, I've got the shivers today big time. I just can't get warm!

Monday mornings don't give me much time to get ready. I'm off to the gym for a 6am boxing class, get home about 5 past 7, jump in the shower, get dressed and leave for work to be there 5 or 10 minutes before 8. My showers are increasingly becoming those showers were you have to psych yourself up to get out. My method usually involves counting to ten but usually results in the last couple of numbers including a 'half' number or sometimes I'll extend the count to twenty. This morning was one of those showers so I had to think about I was going to wear today whilst basking in the warmth of the shower.

This dress is a winter staple, probably bought a size too big but practical all the same. I remember I wore it out one Saturday night last winter and a guy gave me (what he describes) as a compliment by commenting on my dress. I thought he was telling me I looked fat but he tried to explain that I was about the only sensible person in the pub as most other girls were wearing skimpy party dresses quite clearly meant for the warmer months. Anyway, enough of my rambling ...



DSC03564      DSC03570

DSC03574 DSC03575
dress - French Kitty (Myer)
boots - Windsor Smith
earrings - Lovisa
headscarf - vintage
tights - unknown
sunnies - Salvos ($2.00)

Op shop finds post to come soon ... mum and I had an epic Saturday morning treasure hunting!


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Poptartlr said...

I have so many pretty little party dresses, but now I am much more inclined to skip them in favour of a nice dress with sleeves and tights:)
I adore those earrings! I always wind up buying so much from Lovisa.