Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 88 - Welcome to Winter.

Hello all on this delightful first day of winter here in Australia.

Today I am paying homage to one of THE funniest movies Mean Girls by joining them by wearing pink on a Wednesday. I recommend you watch it if you are looking for a bit of humour in your life.

I also thought I'd give you an update on the Global Corporate Challenge I blogged about here. Our team is currently 12th out of 41 teams at our organisation. In the last 13 days I have averaged 11,644 steps a day and the pinnacle was last Tuesday when I reached over 18,500 steps. Yesterday when my regular Body Combat class was cancelled I went to the gym and got on the treadmill. Normally before I get exhausted I get bored and hop off. Yesterday was different though ... I decided to soldier on and ran 4.1km in 30 minutes without stopping. To you runners out there that may not seem like any sort of feat but for someone who basically despises running it was an achievement. I know I can do 5km now so will be attempting that in the very near future. Okay, enough of the self praise.

Got some B.O. happening today ... oops. Should I go join the circus do you think?


This dress by JUNK is rather ill fitting ... the bugger with buying things online I guess.



Wearing: dress - Junk, cardi - Esprit (thrifted), shoes - novo (garage sale)

Quite a hard outfit challenge was put forward yesterday ... wear ALL winter WHITE.

How would you wear white with white?

Over and Out



Ness said...

To break up white with white, add coloured shoes/belts/jewellery :)

J said...

Come to work dressed as 'Pearl' :)

Angela said...

Naw, you look really pretty in that top pic... despite the duck face :)

Red Mera Vintage said...

Pretty outfit!


Shey said...

You have the prettiest blouses and this outfit is so sweet, paired with the tights definitely works for winter. =D

kalgm4 said...

4.1km is an awesome effort :o)

and fantastic for our stepping challenge.