Thursday, May 12, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 76. Fulfilling Needs.

It feels like FOREVER since I've been op shopping. Well no, let me rephrase that. It feels like forever since I went op shopping and actually got something I wanted to share with all of you guys. And I MISS it! There is barely a week that goes by that I don't at least visit one oppie but my knack for finding AMAZING things seems to have left the building. At lunchtime some of us girls here at work will visit an op. We hear that one of the shops I very rarely visit has a fill a bag sale so that might be our destination. It used to be a shop where everything was WAY overpriced and basically shit but I'm willing to give it a go as they have changed their ways and everything is apparently like under $10. This weekend I think I'll also visit the vintage wardrobe. We are lucky to have a specialised Lifeline in town that only carries vintage stuff. They used to be VERY reasonable in price but in the last year or so have really increased their prices. I'm looking for some vintage blouses so am hoping they have some for around $5 or at least under $10. Oooh, and there is a car boot sale this Saturday which I can't wait for. Last year's event was exciting so hopefully this one will be even better. Wish me luck!

Today I'm wearing this dress from asos. Man I can't stay away from asos - bloody free shipping!! I want them to take it away. But I don't want them to take it away. Is anyone else asos obsessed?

Did I mention I love ruffles?? ... Not as cute as the model, but I'm no model and the lighting is terrible. Oh and I wasn't vain today - I washed my hair this morning and let the frizz flag fly.


DSC03012    DSC02998             Wearing: dress - asos, tights - Myer, shoes - Siren, jacket - Martini (op shop in Bangalow for $10 - a STEAL)

till tomorrow, Over and Out



nais said...

love the coloured tights. it has definately become tight weather down my way this week.

and how good is bangalow?! glad you stoped there on your road trip. took the folks there when they visited at easter and fell in love with every second shop!

kalgm4 said...

This dress is SO cute and so is your jacket.... Great combo today :o)

Angela said...

I have only bought from ASOS once, but I got S onto it, and he has made three, yes three purchases just in the last week!