Friday, March 11, 2011

Wedding Envy - Drinks

Man, who needs to spend $15 a pop on wedding magazines when there are so many ideas sprawled over the web. One of the ideas that I'm super keen to use is providing jam jars as people's drinking vessels.

I originally saw this idea and fell in love with it. Of course you'd have to team it with some adorable striped paper straws. I bought some of these for the engagement party from Occasion by Design - naturally I shopped around and they seemed to have the best deal. The actual Mason ball jars are pretty rare here in Australia so I might take Emma from Cinderella at Brindabella's advice and contact a packaging company --- oooh, and my uncle just happens to work for Amcor.

STOP THE PRESS ...Whilst writing this Mr. Google has led me to an Australian trading company - the Redback Trading Company who import the real thing!!! You can get 12 x 250ml jars for $29.95 - works out to be about 1c per 1ml. The 500ml wide mouth jars which are probably more suitable for drinking out of are about $3 each. I guess the sting would be in the postage. But definitely an idea to investigate further. They do claim they might be able to do a better if you place a large order - might just have to contact them me thinks! There are many vendors in the U.S. and prices are less than half the price but most don't ship overseas. 

So if you're a guest at our wedding this could be you - funky outfit optional (but encouraged!)

Love this idea too - an actual ball mason jar dispenser ... pimms and lemonade with cucumber anyone?

Some other inspiring ideas:

Images from Once Wed, Intimate Weddings, Covet Living and Wedding Bee

Especially loving the boat as a quasi-esky!

Till Monday, Over and Out



Erica Louise said...

jam jar drinks - genius! I love this!

Monica said...

Let's work on the jars, they even sell them here at like walmart. If i do end up going can pack in a box or even in a suticase. Or buy here and post to you somehow.

Erin said...

Nice scouting! How did you go with the postage-do-able?

jude said...

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