Thursday, March 3, 2011

Book(bag) a Bargain

This weekend is Toowoomba's turn for the annual Lifeline Bookfest to come to town. It is on Saturday and Sunday starting at 8am. I'm not much of a book worm but do love a good bargain (as you know), and actually have an ulterior motive this year.

I found this idea on the web a while back and will be doing something similar for the table names at the wedding. I've already got 3 old scrabble games (one was showcased in the e-shoot) and have started collecting old romance style novels with appropriate titles. So, as we won't be in town on Saturday, let's hope that all the old trashy Mills and Boon hardcovers aren't snapped up!


I think it's cool that guests at the wedding won't just be sitting at boring old table 4. They may be parking their bums at the Lovebirds, Romance or True Love table.