Friday, March 4, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 38 - Academia.

Today's mission ... student theme. Wear regular, everyday casual 'student' clothing and have a second outfit handy.

No, I do not plan to change half way through the day for the sake of it. I was asked if I could help out the marketing team by partaking in a photo shoot to appear on the newly revamped 'current students' website. How could I turn down such an offer when an email comes in saying 'we would really appreciate your help, and think you would be fabulous : )

The difficult part of this mission was a request from the photographing team to wear 'bold, simple, bright colours and avoid heavy patterns and stripes'. Yes, the email had this text in bold so I didn't dispute the brief. However, whilst looking through my wardrobe this morning I realised that I don't have a lot of bold, bright coloured things devoid of stripes or patterns. Solution, pull out an old favourite.

I may have clichéd up my outfit a bit by adding my new geeky but cool ray ban specs, and dressed down my slightly 'dressy' dress with some havis.

Wearing: dress - Blue Juice (Myer), thongs - Havianas, Accessories - Diva, Goggles - OPSM

Oh, I almost forgot. Meet adorable little 7 week Baxter who visited the office this morning. C.U.T.E!!!!! Tam, you must be very proud ; )

I have some potentially very exciting news to share with you all next week. Look out Carrie Bradshaw ....

Oh, and damn you asos for sending me an email giving me a discount code for an extra 20% off everything! But thank you too as I don't have anything for the races yet.

Off to visit the paparazzi.

have a super weekend!

over and out


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Louise said...

Gorgeous outfit! I loooove your glasses, you look so cute! :)