Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Latest Thrifty Purchases

On the weekend I convinced the boy to visit a garage sale right near home as the description read something along the lines of 'moved to nursing home' ... BINGO!

I got almost as excited as if the subject had read 'deceased estate'. Is it wrong to get a little excited to go searching for vintage and retro treasures even though you know someone had to die to have that particular type of garage sale?

I got another pyrex dish - a beautiful turquoise colour and a pattern I don't have ...

p 241 p 242

Two adorable retro alarm clocks - who said blue and green should never be seen?!

p 246p 248p 247

A glass cake stand - it was marked $3 and I offered $2. The lady had to think long and hard about the $1 discount but eventually mumbled 'okay'p 244  The cutest little camel from the Salvos ...   p 254 p 252

some sweet little birds - the poor little one is missing her beak. Whoops - just realised the tampon in the photo. Please ignore!

p 255and yet another suitcase! p 256

The boy will be out of town this weekend so I think I'll happily do some solo garage saleing and opping.

Happy treasure hunting.

Over and Out



Thrive on Novelty said...

Wow great finds! I especially love the alarm clocks :) xx

Thrifted Treasure said...

Love them all, especially the pyrex and clocks!!!

Lea said...

LOVE the pyrex, and your little chest of draws that's showcasing your clocks. the colour is gorgeous.

christie said...

wow - those retro clocks are adorable! great finds!


nais said...

u did so good! love the birds and the clocks. i haven't garage-saled since living in toowoomba. you've inspired me to get back into it. :)

KJH said...

Love it all but really want to know at which op shop did you get the tampon :)

leala said...

Same one you can buy the incontience pads from... By the trolley full!

shine little light* said...

niiiiiiice haul! I especially love the alarm clocks and pyrex! *s*

Megan D. said...

I really love that agee you found! I would really love to find one myself! :)