Friday, February 25, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 33 - Seventies Chick

Hi guys, hope you like my new layout! At the moment, it looks like it's best viewed in Firefox.

One of the current trends making a comeback is seventies! I quite like 70s styles - flowy maxi dresses, high waisted flared pants/trousers, chunky platforms/clogs, boho style blouses - yes please.

I almost jumped for joy when I found this genuine 70s maxi at my local Lifeline for all of about $3. The only complaint I can make is that it is ridiculously too long but who cares, it is still super cute. The photos don't do it justice - I think it looks better on that what it looks like it the photos.


Wearing: dress - vintage via Lifeline, wedges - Target, earrings and bangles - mum's.

Apparently I'm attempting a sailor outfit on Monday - thanks Suse and Abs. Let's hope I can find something decent at the ops this weekend!

Do you like my new layout?

Bloody mum and dad are having a garage sale tomorrow. I'm in two minds - should I be there to help sell some of my stuff or can I leave it with them and head to competing garage sales to replace the stuff that (hopefully) sells?!

Have a terrific weekend everyone.

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christie said...

The maxi dress is gorgeous and I love your new layout! xx

kalgm4 said...

Loved this dress, it made me think "gone with the wind" even though that's a completely different era. lol