Thursday, February 24, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 32.

My workmate Lisa periodically likes to refer to me as a geek. I think this is loosely based on the the fact that I have a degree in IT and graduated with distinction but sometimes I wonder if she thinks I am a little geeky in other ways. Anyway, she muttered under her breath at a meeting yesterday 'geek' and I thought no, I'm a chic geek.
So that is what today's outfit is based on. I googled 'chic geek' and apparently just about the only criteria to fit in to the chic geek genre is to have a geek-ish looking pair of black oversized frames. CHECK.

Exhibit A


Exhibit B

Exhibit C ... even an Olsen twin can be a chic geek

So, I decided a cute floaty blouse and skirt and the obligatory specs (or goggles as my friend Bec likes to call them) would be the key to today's outfit.

p 277
p 282  p 278   
Wearing: top - Sacha Drake via Vinnies (stolen from Twin 1), skirt - eBay (one of my all time best buys), shoes - Siren @ Myer, necklace - made for me at Silk Street Market, Beijing, glasses- Ray Ban @ OPSM, Earrings - old.

Any suggestions for tomorrow?

Over and Out



Anonymous said...

Susan and I would like to propose a challenge for tomorrow.

Our suggested challenge is sailor attire.......... Good luck we look forward to checking it out tomorrow!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW the above challenge is from Aby and Susan.

Anonymous said...

Oops can't speel my own name - that was meant to be Susan and ABBY. I am so computer savy :)

leala said...

Loving the chic geek look... You are a natural.

Looking forward to seeing the sailor outfit you have been channeling... More like 'hello sailor' me thinks :)

Thrive on Novelty said...

hehe you look great! definitely geek chic not geeky! Love it xx