Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recent Op Shop Finds

Things have been a bit quiet on the search for all things pre-loved but I managed to find some things on my weekly trip to my favourite Lifeline. Unfortunately there were only 3 garage sales on in Armidale on Saturday with nothing much on offer and of the goods on sale at the 3 op shops I only managed to find a pair of Gary Castles gold platform sandals – either for sale on eBay or for a costume party.

In Toowoomba this week I have picked up the following:

a vintage Pyrex ovenwear dish for $3


a juicer stick thing (red to match my Mixmaster) for $1


and some cool scales. I’m thinking I might use them in the kitchen to store garlic and something else – I’m actually quite chuffed with them and at $1, what a bargain!


I also got these great boots a few weeks ago at Vinnies. $6 and great for winter!


As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

On another note, for ages I’ve meant to pull out thP1010930e Polaroid 600 camera I got at a garage sale years ago for $5 and never used. Last night I decided this Saturday night was the night to try it out so today I did some research to see where I could buy the film from. Much to my disappointment the film has been discontinued!!! Apparently there is a new producer who is making compatible films – has anyone bought any? I’d really love to test my Polaroid out!

Till next time, over and out XOXO


Little Ted Canvas said...

Some great finds, love the red bowl & those scales are brilliant!

Erica Louise said...

Nice boots!!

KANI said...

you can purchase polaroid film from the impossible project, though i haven't tried it out yet as they always seem to be out of stock
i am still using expired film at the moment and it seems to be doing fine so far :))

your two pairs of tights in your other post are lovely by the way!