Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pink is the new black

Yesterday I was feeling a bit down. Mostly due to my freshly washed and totally soft, frizzy and fluffy hair. My 5-ish year old hand-me-down GHD just doesn’t do the 15-20 minute straightening job that it used to. And I’m lazy.
Imagine my surprise when I get a text message last night from my best friend and twin saying:
‘Guess what i have? … Your new pink ghd : )’
Yay, I love presents and I love my twin sissy XOXO

2-06-2010 3-22-12 PMl_783146851663d2415a0e4e4e0ef3289e

2-06-2010 3-27-56 PM


Erica Louise said...

You have a twin sister, ah how nice! You're in Pink mode this week, and I am in Purple mode..:)

GHD's are the best.

Hel said...

CUTE! I still have momentary lapses of concentration when your sister stares blankly at me when I wave!! Of course that hasn't happened in a while, but those pictures just took me back to my confused state.

I'm so sorry I can't immediately tell you apart. ;)

Friend in Fashion said...

naaww, that is too sweet! You two are gorgeous!

Luv, Friend in Fashion

P.S. I'll be sure to give you a wrap up of HCMC upon my return - how long are you staying?