Monday, December 12, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 200!

2 more working weeks left of 2011 and 10 days left in my challenge. Too easy!

Took a visit to Vinnies on Friday and saw the potential in this top/jacket which was part of a set - for $3.00 I thought why not. I took it back to work and was prompted by my workmates for a bit of a fashion show. Hold your breaths and check this bad boy out.

Circa 1990?? Brand is Studibaker Hawk which features in the powerhouse collection. The profile on the current studibaker site reads as follows:

Born in the 1980's Studibaker Hawk found strong influences from the Punk era. Janelle Smith, David Miles and Wendy Arnold created garments that were dubbed 'art-clothes' and winning awards in the PM category at the AFAs was a common occurrence.

I'd say that description is quite accurate. Sexy, right?!

P1060352  P1060353P1060354  

Today's outfit is another op shop story. Both top and pants are from the op shop. I tried these old school katies pants on at the shop over what I was wearing and just had to buy them for how comfortable they are. I admit now that they are quite dicky and will probably now be used as pj's but hey, I thought I'd see if I could pull off the harem pant look and apparently the answer is a big fat NO.

Oh yea, and I got some bangs. Thanks sissy.



P1060367   P1060370  P1060372  Wearing:
pants: katies @ church op shop
flats: novo @ garage sale
top: jag @ op shop

I'm off to go find a gift for op shop santa. Till tomorrow, over and out


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Anonymous said...

I don't mind the Katies pants!! Especially in the summer.

LOVE the fringe!!