Thursday, December 8, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 198.

Hello all. I know what you're all thinking and in case you don't know what you're thinking I'll tell you.

Man she wears that skirt alot!

Well yes it's true. I don't own a lot of skirts and this one is quite frankly, AWESOME. I really should look into getting myself like 5 more. Or maybe just one more. Ever since asos opened their Australian site I seem to have become less interested but might just have to take a look. I also did hear that topshop just opened in Australia. I might have to check out their site too to see if the postage has decreased.

Anyway, enough babble.




skirt: asos
singlet: just jeans
embroidered vest/top: vintage
flats: siren @ myer
wallet: strandbags

Oh, and popped down to Target this morning who quite conveniently opened at 8am to grab a dress for my sis and picked these up.


I know socks aren't the most exciting purchase but 3 pairs for $2.83 ... what a bargain! Plus I'm always losing socks and for someone who goes to the gym or plays sport at least 7 times a week new ones are always needed. I'm tempted to go back down there this afternoon to see what else they have as part of their 4 million items below cost sale.


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