Monday, August 8, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 132.

Have just finished catching up on the Gingerbread challenge from Masterchef on Thursday night ... man, I so want to eat it Reminds me though that I've broken up with one of the most important aspects of my life until the wedding.


I seriously have a problem when it comes to lollies. If I am at the grocery store or Kmart or Big W you will RARELY see me leave without at least a bag or two of my favourite sweets. And more often than not I will finish a whole bag. So, I'm being VERY committed and have not wavered just yet ... imagine how good the lollies will taste from the lolly buffet at the wedding - definitely something to look forward to.


dress: vintage @ lifeline ($3.00)

(photos taken on my iphone)

Over and Out



Nelly said...

I am a bit lik ethat when I see new types of lollies tho I dont eat many as teh grandies finish anything like that off pretty quick.I have bought some english lollies from the proper lolly shop this year and have tasted some nice ones.

kit and nancy. said...

that dress is fabulous! i am a sucker for allens party mix even though i get a headache after eating only 3 lollies! i need to see pics of this engagement shoot with the teapot please! :)

VintageSweetheart said...

That dress was a bargain I love it! I love chocolate more then lollies but both is even better!

E :)

kalgm4 said...

I have a challenge for you for sometime this week in honour of me going on a cruise next week - some nautical please :o)

Miss Claire said...

Beautiful dress!! It fits you perfectly and I love those sleeves.

I have such a sweey tooth too....Chocolate is my fav though. Mmmmyum! And I'm going through an iced donut stage. It's no good!

Can't wait until this wedding happens and I can get excited over the photos :)

Xoxoxox Claire

Dressed and Eaten said...

Very cool dress!

Those tangerine lollies sounded so great! I would love me a gingerbread house to nibble on every day. Yummm.

P.S Can't wait to see the end product of your lolly buffet.