Friday, August 5, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 131.

In 3 months I will become Mrs Bourke ... scary but exciting at the same time. I think we now have everything organised which is a welcome relief. I'm sure these three months are going to FLY BY! I know a lot of you girls are getting married around the same time as me ... how are your preps going?

On to other things ...The thrill of online shopping is only fully realised when your parcel arrives and you unwrap it to reveal your goodies inside. Yesterday I got home and was greeted by a small box from clearly contacts containing my new geek glasses ... which I only paid the shipping and insurance for - a whole $13-ish. Pretty happy with them although they aren't as crisp as I would expect them to be ... but I'm not going to complain.

Working a half day today and going to visit some of the op shops I rarely get to visit which aren't open on Saturdays. I'm looking forward to a weekend filled with yummy food, nice wine, shopping, make up, hairdos, maybe some alco-pops and some rug cutting (dancing for those of you totally confused).

What are you anticipating/looking forward to this weekend?




If you look closely the right front has a multiplication sign, the left a division sign and each arm has an equals sign ... I'd totally get in to the mathletes with these babies except for that fact that I am a total maths dumbass.


DSC03963 DSC03964      DSC03970    DSC03974Wearing:
top: french connection @ garage sale ($1)
jeans: wrangler via ebay
wedges: department store in kl
scarf: sussan (50% off the marked price - $15)

DSC03975 new nails (BYS Ladies That Lunch) and a temporary engagement ring ... appropriate right?

The boy and I are off to Cold Chisel one week before the wedding at the Sunshine Coast. It will be nice to do something together and get the opportunity to relax right before the wedding (and hopefully improve my tan!)     

Peace out homies.



VintageSweetheart said...

Good luck op shopping!

All I'm looking forward to is not working shame that doesn't start till after 12:30 on Saturday!

E :)

Kat said...

Corey wanted to see Cold Chisel but we weren't organised enough to get tix. We are going to see Meatloaf though in October. Only 3 months till our wedding too. I did a big post the other day so I could see where I am at totally inspired by your last wedding post. I am feeling pretty organised!

jamie-lee said...

The top is really cute! Haha yes I totally agree, online shopping is great cos you get the thrill of purchasing plus then receiving it in the post :)

Nelly said...

re my trunks the top one I bought in Coffs Harbour many years ago at a gsale for a tenner I think the other 2 of which I have 3 were from a sale in Stanni $5 each .One from the tip in raleigh (huge tip shed down there) I forget how much but i think it has a hole in the bottom.Not all the leather handles are in tact tho and some of the locks have been broken.