Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 133.

today I'm finally submitting the text to the supplier for our invitations. I wasn't sure whether to put my name first or the boy's name first so I emailed him. What a classic response ...

I actually think your name first rolls off the tongue a bit better

Right-ho then ...

today's outfit was requested by my workmate Kerri who is off on a pacific cruise next week. We're all incredibly jealous that she'll be basking in the sunshine while we're stuck at work in our jumpers and long pants.



DSC03992 DSC03993


DSC03997    DSC04001 Wearing:
top: supre
cardi: sussan @ lifeline
pants: events @ garage sale
bag: garage sale
brooch: sportsgirl
booties: kmart

Giveaway time later this afternoon and I'll share my weekend treasures tomorrow.



VintageSweetheart said...

I love the nautical theme cute outfit!

E :)

Erica Louise said...

Love anything nautical, so todays look is good in my books! :)

kalgm4 said...

Well done Peta, nailed the look for my cruise. I'm sure I won't look anywhere near as stylish as I'm swanning around the ship but I'll give it a go..... will think of you all often while I'm away next week. ;)