Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 128.

This morning I firstly would like to do a massive shout out to my readers ... whether you are a follower or not, do know that I am honoured that anyone cares about what I have to say/wear/buy. And hooray for reaching 60 followers! Onwards and upwards I say.

I walked to work this morning and actually really enjoyed it. It's about a 30-35 minute walk and if I want, I can tackle a pretty decent hill (which I did this morning) so I'm feeling very accomplished.

Sporting a vintage dress today which is in THE most perfect condition ... all my photos turned out really blurry today so hopefully you can sort of see the beautiful pleats and pattern in this pearler.

DSC03902 DSC03905
DSC03906 DSC03907
DSC03912 DSC03915
 DSC03917 DSC03922 
dress: vintage
heels: sachi @ myer

Excited that my sis (and maybe one of my b-maids) is coming to visit this weekend! Shopping, hairdos, makeup, wine and friends. What better way to spend a weekend.

AND, check out some of the beautiful crockery that has added to my collection recently. I picked up some of it but big thanks to mama and grandma for picking up so many beautiful English pieces at the Nambour swap meet on the weekend. Meakin galore and OH SO PRETTY.

Over and Out



Miss Claire said...

Love the dress and the crockery is sooo pretty! I love the mis-matched combinations. Xoxoxox Claire

KJH said...

Love, love, love the crockery. Your wedding and reception are going to be so cool. Can't wait to see it all set up first hand.

danielle said...

Gorgeous dress- you didn't walk in those heels??
Love the weekend finds- I always hang out to see your bargains :)
Congrats on 60 followers too!

VintageSweetheart said...

Awesome dress and the crockery is so pretty! congrats on 60 followers!

E :)

kalgm4 said...

I concur on the crockery, it's all SO gorgeous and is going to look stunning on the big day.

Love your shoes today...

Ness said...

Looking forward to coming up, btw I'm having Friday off so we should be there sometime Friday afternoon yay :) oh and yay for 60 followers!

Erica Louise said...

Oh I'm loving your dress today, very vintage chic, and a beautiful colour. Congrats for reaching 60 followers!

christie said...

Gorgeous! Love how much this outfit screams vintage!! And those shoes - love em! xx


leala said...

Love the crockery, brilliant finds!!