Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 115 on an 115 day countdown.

Meet my new puffer vest by Esprit. It is so snuggly and warm and well, puffy :) Puffer vests are one of my staple winter weekend items. They keep you warm and hide that winter bulge. I was going to buy a red puffer very similar to this at Myer on which was on sale but they didn't have my size. I decided to go down on Saturday and see if they would ring the Brisbane stores to see if they had one in my size but arrived to see that it had been sold. So the boy and I headed to Trade Secret. It seriously has to be one of the best shops going around. This was $59.95 full price... cheaper than the one which was a further 25% off at Myer. The boy doesn't particularly like shopping but morphs into this somewhat happy shopper at trade secret. He didn't even flinch when I decided I was going to buy it even though we really shouldn't be buying anything since the wedding is, wait let me check, 115 days away!

Had an extremely hard time getting my boots to do up over my jeans this morning so don't be surprised if you notice a bit of muffin top action happening around the knee area.  I should have known ... these boots just fit around my legs with stockings on and I got ready at the gym this morning so just had to stuff the chub until they could do up! Needless to say I'm sitting at my desk and the boots are no longer on. Talk about leg suffocation.

An outfit that's a little bit ski bunny and a little bit more country.




DSC03612        Wearing:
top underneath: miss shop (thrifted)
vest: esprit @ trade secret
jeans: lee riders @ just jeans
boots: jane debster @ myer
sunnies/glasses: ray ban @ OPSM

Morning tea time soon. Hope there are some yummy treats!

Over and Out



Anonymous said...

Love the puffy too, such a bargain!


christie said...

Oh I love trade secret too - one of the best places for quality goods and low low prices ever! and what a great deal you got on that puffy vest! SCORE!

jamie-lee said...

Cuuuute! Hehe total ski bunny I love it! x

VintageSweetheart said...

I love that bag!!