Friday, July 15, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 116.

Hey all. Did you miss me? Yea, I thought not. I had yesterday off sick and am back feeling refreshed after a day of lying about the house in my PJs.

Today I decided to give our new corporate workwear range a try. It's a non compulsory uniform (thank god) and for me, nothing too flattering or fashionable was on offer. Of the $400 we were given to spend Iin the inaugural year I got this dress and a couple of polo shirts. I went back earlier this week to pick some new items for this year but just could not find anything that I would choose to wear. It would be a different story if they got someone like Cue to design uniforms but yea, likelihood of that happening is zilcho. Do you have a uniform and if so, how do you jazz it up?


DSC03624   DSC03627      Wearing:
dress: uniform
top: country road (thrifted)
scarf: silk street markets (beijing)
tights: myer
shoes: diana ferrari (eBay)
glasses: ray ban

My new box of contacts had been MIA but tracked them down this morning under the bed ... go figure. So less goggles (as my friend Bec likes to call them) shots next week.

Enjoy this weekend. Hope the rain predicted does not eventuate.

Over and Out



Louise said...

Gorgeous outfit! those glasses look so cute on you xx said...

Well yes, the rain is here for us! damn cold too. You look super warm enough here though xx