Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 95.

Can I start by saying, god weddings are expensive! Being a super savvy and 100% bargain shopper, without actually budgeting individual items I thought we may be able to get away with spending about 10 thousand buckaroonies on the big day. Once we actually itemised and guesstimated everything that figure was doubled. We basically have to save $1000 every pay to be able to afford things - that with a home loan, car loan, insurances and all the rest. That doesn't leave a lot of play money unfortunately.

Does that mean i can't purchase the lovely envelope clutch I created this poll for last week? You still have 5 hours left to vote. Green is the current winner with 6 votes, closely followed by tobacco.

I'm again showing my support for Queensland by wearing maroon in anticipation of tonight's second origin match. I bought this skirt from asos and am very conscious about its length. I nearly didn't wear it but what is the point of buying something and then not wearing it?




  P1050818 P1050811
Wearing: top - target (thrifted), skirt - asos, tights - Ambra, boots - vintage

Thanks to my lovely friend Kristin for taking my photos today. Plenty of silly faces in this post.

Oh, and for those of you out there who wear contacts ... I purchased a box of 6 contacts from for a third of the price of what I paid at the optometrist ... no prescription needed AND free shipping. The shipping took a little longer than I expected but for the price it was well worth it.

Over and Out


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Ness said...

I like this outift. Cute and Chic :)

kalgm4 said...

I love the first photo.... lol and this is a very cute skirt, it swishes.... :o)

Angela said...

I feel your pain with wedding costs... we did the EXACT same thing with the budget. Same numbers and everything! LOL