Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 91.

It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, that's what I said, needle in a haystack do, do, do (are these even the words?!) ... All I can see myself doing today is staring at spreadsheets full of transactions trying to find out where our missing transactions are I whinged about yesterday.

This is the Moss and Spy skirt I said I might wear to the races on the weekend but it just didn't look right - today teamed with my latest and greatest vintage blouse (snapped up for $2) I think it looks pretty schmick.

p 831

I'm wearing one of my highest pair of heels today ... I love them but barely wear them because they are just so high. I've bought a pair of trusty flats to keep me going all day.

p 835

Hair is al-la-natural today and I suppose it looks okay ... Oh, and did you see my vintage earrings? You might recognise them from our engagement shoot.

p 830

p 837

p 841 
And does anyone actually know how this tie this is supposed to work? I've just placed the longer bit through the loop and let it hang. I can't see that it should be tied in to a bow or anything.

p 836Wearing: vintage shirt - op shop, skirt - Moss and Spy, heels - Sachi, flats - Siren

Pondering the white on white challenge for next week.

Oh, and before I forget, one of my lovely readers Kate decided to point out to me that in six months of this year I have only worked 90 days. Doesn't sound like much does it? Well the boy and I decided to do a bit of math last night to figure out how this is so.

Days in 6 months - approx 180.

  • Take 2 days per week out for the weekends = 2d x 4 weeks per month x 6 months = 48 days
  • Minus 1 day per month for a rostered day off = 1d x 6 months = 6 days
  • Take much loved public holidays out = about 5 days
  • Minus some annual leave days = about 5 days
  • Throw in a sick day here or there = about 3 days
  • Add in days left in June = 22 days

Days worked = 91

I'm all square! It's so nice to work in such a flexible workplace.

Happy humping.

Over and Out



aelie said...

I love this outfit! The print on the skirt is beautiful <3

(Love your tragus piercing! I have one too! :) )

J said...

You look gorgeous

Ness said...

isn't it "needle in a haystack..what i say...?"

mum said...

Only one word wrong in the song lyric i.e. like findin a needle in a haystack...what I say..a needle in a haystack...doo.doo.doo. Impressive from an 80s'girl. Love the outfit - wish I could still wear those clothes - perhaps a challenge is on the cards. Look forward to the next blog.

christie said...

What a sweet blouse - I love the pintucks, a very girly detail! x

Dressed and Eaten said...

Such a cute outfit. Gorgeous blouse.

P.S Just found your blog. I like your little challenge! Oh and thanks for adding me. :)

Rose Petals in the Rain said...

Your blouse is so lovely :)