Thursday, June 9, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 92.

I said brrr, it's cold in here ... 3 degrees cold in fact. Very chilly!


I'm in to work early again today so not too much thought or consideration went in to today's outfit of choice neither did paying much attention to any sort of hair do. I promise tomorrow's efforts will be considerably better.


P1050765Wearing: Jeans - Jeanswest, belt - Rusty, top - Jag (op shop), jacket - Trent Nathan (Vinnies), heels - Tony Bianco

I'd love if someone suggested a trend to try for tomorrow or even a Friday challenge. Anyone?!

I think I may need to look for a winter location a little more pretty than this one ... the decor just aint doing it for me. Oh, and I picked up this jacket at Vinnies at couple of weeks ago ... and it's something I thought I would never buy. It's corduroy material which I despise almost as much as velvet. I couldn't resist the cut and the fit of it so had to get over my cord fear. Next time I'll try to get a better shot of it.

And finally, welcome and muchas gracias to my newest followers - Olivia and Dressed and Eaten. 2 more followers and I've got 50 lovely readers which I think will call for a GIVEAWAY!

What would you like to win?

Have a lovely Thursday!

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Nelly said...

thanks for commentin at my blog.Can imagine its freezing there after being in Stanthorpe fo 7 yrs.Sadly I have my climatized up here in Bundie and have been getting cold lol.
Love that jacket and I am a HUGE velvet lover too lol

kalgm4 said...

I LOVE corduroy (am I allowed to admit to that) I had kept some cord pants in the back of my cupboard from the 80's in a olive green till only a couple months ago, they were just too high-waisted to wear these days (& a bit big) but I did love them so. I keep a bit of cord love in my house still with two giant cushions in my lounge room one in bright orange and one in hot pink.

Challenge for tomorrow - what about Alpine Skiing outfit, (it's cold enough for it) not one for the slopes but the one you wear afterward when your sipping something warm by the big log fire??