Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 90.

Yep, today I pretty much feel like shit and it's apparent when you see my pics. This is a super late post as I've been racking my brain ALL day as to why our student system has had a na-na which in turn means we cannot reconcile our finance system - totally not cool. And we still don't have an answer ... oh the joys of my job.

Anyway, boring outfit today. Linen on linen. Didn't have much time to choose and this was easy but not so stylish. Actually not at all stylish ... hence the miniature picture. Note to self ... must wash hair tonight.


My trip to Tambo was fun but the trip out and home on the bus WAS as bad as I expected - eleven hours each way of insomnia. But it was all worth it to spend some time with this girl.


And enjoy some country hospitality.

The day was GLORIOUS ... oh, and there were horses. I even took some evidence!


Let's hope tomorrow is a better day.

Over and Out


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Kate said...

OK...someone has to point out to you that in nearly 6 months, you've only worked 90 days, if your challenge represents a different outfit for every workday!!! :P

Love the challenge and your style though.