Thursday, May 5, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 74 and I'm feeling naked

Don't stress friends ... I didn't wear my birthday suit to work today. I wouldn't want to scare anyone with that sight, or thought for that matter. I did however forget to put earrings in and now feel SO naked and unattractive. I know that may seem a bit silly but I really miss them when I don't wear them. The vintage ankle boots I'm wearing were snapped up on Saturday while treasure hunting with my twinnie and they are so awesome. Vintage, Italian leather = super soft and the PERFECT size. You can't ask for much more for $2.00!

These photos were taken on my iphone and I look like a spaz - actually maybe more a bit like an alien. My head looks small or something. I REALLY need to pay more attention to my hair instead of pulling it back and forming it into some sort of messy birds nest.  At the moment though with the chilly mornings raising their ugly head, staying in bed for 20 minutes longer is more way more pleasurable than nice hair - I'll get vain one day soon.

p 731        p 721Wearing: dress - Bardot @ Myer, cardi - R.M. Williams, boots - vintage, Guess watch - China, glasses - Vietnam

Oh, and now for the most exciting news of the week. Here is my boat which will be used as a quasi-esky at the wedding. It is so perfect in every way! All for the cost of 2 cartons of XXXX Gold!

p 710

p 711

Yay for it being Friday tomorrow!

Over and Out



Ness said...

Cute outfit, boots look awesome!

Kenziefaith said...

Ahah - Your head does not look small! Cute outfit!!

J said...

Gosh you look like Ness in the second photo!