Monday, April 4, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 58.

Hi all, another week has started and the weather really has started to cool down. Looking at these photos I think I may need to put myself on a bit of a diet. Not much effort went in to deciding what I was going to wear this morning either and I totally look like dork-zilla. Remind me never to wear this outfit again ... not at all flattering!

Will be visiting the gym every morning this week to burn some major calories as I'm on the late shift (9-5) lol.


Wearing: dress - big dub, top - Basque, flats - Novo, headband - Diva, sunnies - Vietnam

The races was fun on Thursday and here are some photos to squiz at. Enjoy! Oh, and the judges came over to our group and a bunch of us were invited to participate in fashions on the field. We forgot to go up and look what resulted. Yes, the girl winner looks classic and cute but I mean, who gives a guy in a WHITE suit a prize for winning best dressed male. SPEW!

image image
photos - The Chronicle.

Anyway, on to the important photos ...


With my bro


Totally dug this chic's colour combo

The gorgeous Lauren and Anna. A big congrats to Lauren for taking out the best customer service award on the radio like half an hour ago!


Awesome friends - Anna, Jacinta, Mel and I (nasty champagne in hand)

Look I actually saw some horsies!  


My outfit - dress from asos, vintage fascinator from Vinnies, Jane Debster pumps, gloves from eBay and carried a Cassette Society clutch.

The weather was perfect right up until about 6:30pm when it finally started to rain. Was a great day had by all.

The gorgeous Bec and I a little damp after the rain


Over and Out


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