Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 36 and some Olivia Envy

I'm so not in the mood today. I'm not happy, or sad, or angry, or any mood that is actually describable. I'm just on a downer. I think it's because our photographer Darren sent through the proofs from our e-shoot this morning and although I
lovE the photos it has really exposed me to how much I dislike certain things about myself. I've been trying SO hard to not be too self-critical and will continue to try. It is tough when your eyes are immediately drawn to those things you dislike about yourself rather than focussing on the beautiful things. That might have to be my goal ... see the good in myself and not the bad.

Okay, enough whinging about how I don't look like some pretty bitch or runway model. Speaking of pretty bitches I found Olivia Palermo has done a campaign for the label Tibi whose clothes are stunning.

thanks to Olivia I'll now be trawling the world wide web for some cute and affordable Tibi pieces. Good luck to me I reckon.

Anyway, on to today's outfit ... I'm getting a little disheartened by this whole outfit idea ... I know I can definitely do the whole year - I just wish I had a little more encouragement or inspiration instead of just picking something out of the closet everyday.

Wearing: dress - Forever New, Sandals - gift from Equip, accessories - Diva + Portmans

Intro to the bridal party coming later today.

Over and Out



Anonymous said...

OMG I wish you would stop being negative. Everyone has faults but you have nothing to worry about ok!!!

Hel said...

Go Anonymous!

For inspiration could you get movie suggestions and try and copy the style of the leading ladies in those movies?

I'd be interested in seeing you try and come up with an Alice in Wonderland inspired outfit. I'll come up with some more movies if you are interested.

I know what it's like to be critical of every photo that you are in, but seriously... you are beautiful.

kalgm4 said...

Challenge idea: LINEN