Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 35.

Happy first day of (hang on, what season is it now?). Thank you oh so reliable Mr Google, you never disappoint ... Happy Autumn. I think summer is hanging around for a little longer which I have no complaints about.

I have one or two challenges on the list to complete once I've found a suitable outfit so until then I guess I have to keep selecting stuff for myself. I'd love to hear ANY suggestions ... even just  pick a colour!

Today I'm wearing some 90s culottes I picked up from the Salvos on the weekend. They are mega high waisted and I'm sure my ass looks the size of Jupiter in them but they are adorable polka dot and I just couldn't leave them behind. I've let go of the fact that these are a size 14 ... I'd say equivalent to a current 8-10. I'm also wearing my new owl necklace - only $4.95 from Trade Secret. I love owls and I love  trade secret!!!

What do you have planned for Autumn? I have a couple of weddings, some trips to the theme parks, some visits to the football and wedding planning of course! I'm starting work on my new page to record some of my wedding inspirations and ideas so please drop by soon!

Wearing: top - Tina Kalivas for Target via Lifeline ($2.50),  collutes - old school Target via Salvos ($3.00), sandals - Vinnies, owl necklace - Trade Secret.

What should I wear tomorrow?

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