Wednesday, March 2, 2011

introducing ...

the Bridal Party ...


Contestant number 1 is my twin sister Vanessa and number 1 gal pal.

Contestant number 2 is  my lifelong friend and confidant who Ness and I had the pleasure of growing up with. We also share the same name.

Contestant number 3 is one of my best friends who I've shared many memorable times together over the last 12 years and hopefully many, many more. Come on down Jess!
I love all these girls to pieces and can't wait to share the planning and of course THE BIG DAY with them. We've created many memories over the years together and the wedding will not be an exception.

Go here to  see how I asked them to be my bridesmaids ...



Battsy said...

I love your kind words but that picture of me is not all that good!
Love you

J said...

One of the best bridal parties EVER