Friday, February 11, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 26.

I'm not really one for musicals or plays but most of my workmates have gone to see, or are going to see, Wicked the musical. So, today's outfit is inspired by all my workmates who have thus far RAVED about it.

Prepare yourself ... You might possibly see the funniest thing you see today (please ignore any dimples in legs or undie flashing - I'm surprised that I'm actually putting this photo up but hey, even I can laugh at myself! What is even funnier is that at this stage my feet are firmly planted on the ground! Oh, and the umbrella is a sore replacement for a broom - why do the bloody cleaners have to lock the broom cupboard? Thanks Kerri for letting me use your brolly and Leah for your spectacular hat...

Without further adieu ...

       p 204 p 206     p 208   

Wearing: black witchy dress (originally bought to wear as a slip) - Popstar (thrifted), waist belt - stolen from a jumpsuit bought in Vietnam, Cameo brooch - thrifted, shoes - Diana Ferrari Supersoft @ the Salvos ($2.00), Accessories - gifts and op shop.

Have a good laugh? Hope this brightens up your day.

Happy Friday!!!

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