Friday, February 11, 2011

Need your Help - shabby-ing up an old sideboard

Say hello to my new addition ... a fabulously retro sideboard screaming out for a bit of a makeover. I actually think the paint colours quite complement each other but the paint job is a little thick and overdone and just ain't doing it for me.sideboard

I'm thinking of using this as the table for the lolly or desert buffet at our wedding. The interior is in pretty good nick and the top drawer even has a velvet lined cutlery compartment.

I need hints or ideas as to how to shabby it up a bit. I've never attempted any sort of furniture makeover so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

How do you think it would be best made over? I'm very open to keeping the colour scheme happening.

Love to hear from you (as always!)



mel @ loved said...

I LOVE this! The colours are great. Just grab yourself some sandpaper & get stuck in to it! The good thing about shabby is that you can't really make a mistake..

christie said...

what a cute little retro piece. i have no experience in furniture re-vamping but i look forward to seeing what you do to it!!

Beach said...

Geez, I wouldnt touch it. I love the colours just the way they are! I can see it as a side board with blue glass vases and a vintage globe or 2. Have fun whatever you do with it and thanks for visiting