Monday, February 7, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 22.

happy Monday peoples!

No challenge today - just an outfit to keep cool and not get wet!

The oh-so-delightful snap you see below was captured by my part-time photographer workmate Keith whilst my gorgeously pregnant workmate Lisa yelled out 'show us ya tits' - classy I know.

I picked up this dress from Vinnies a couple of weeks ago - love the colour but it is a bit long for my liking.

Tomorrow's challenge pending nice weather - 50s pinup.
Wearing: dress - Piper @ Vinnies, Necklace - Sportsgirl, Scarf - vintage, bow flats - Novo @ garage sale.

Here is me wearing the same scarf at my twin and my 24th birthday party ... hard to believe that is close to 4 years ago now!
   25th 073 25th 093
I picked up a few cute goodies at the swap meet - will showcase them tomorrow.
Till then, Over and Out


J said...

Such an awesome party!!

ness said...

That was for our 25th birthday!