Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 23.

No, the weather is not great today but thought I'd still attempt a work appropriate 50s pinup outfit. Straight up I've already lost points because I'm not busty nor sexy but hey, I tried.
I'm actually quite liking this outfit - what do you think? Did I do the challenge justice?

I'm thinking we may need to find some more locations for photos. The drab office carpet and bookshelves just aint cuttin' it.

White spot from camera - not on skirt!

Yes I still have my top on!

Wrangler bustier top - Lifeline ($2.50), Skirt - The Works @ Op shop, Shoes - Fiorelli @ Myer on sale, bangle, earrings and ring - Diva of course.

Any ideas for tomorrow?

Will be posting swap meet finds next!

Over and Out



J said...

You look smoking hot!!
Love it!
Definitely do the style justice

KJH said...

That outfit definitely suits you Peta. Really smoking hot!

ness said...

Looking slim jim :)