Thursday, February 3, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 21.

I'm a bit over using such a big heading for each work outfit post but that also could have something to do with the awful mood I'm in. I'm a wee bit emo today ... frustrated at how pathetic the boy and I are at keeping the house tidy. Difference is he doesn't seem to think it is any sort of issue worth worrying about and likes to discount everything I say as if I am some kind of crazy person. Adding to my frustration is that my washing machine carked it and my laundry has a stench best described as stale urine (gross I know) as I haven't been able to drain the water out from when it shat itself.
I'm wondering if my lack of ability to maintain a tidy house is similar to someone who wants to lose weight but cannot give up bad food or take up exercise. Is my desire not great enough? I wonder if they have a Michelle, Shannon or Commando to get people's arses into action for cleaning. I really could use one that is for sure.

Don't get me wrong - my house isn't a dump or anything - I just struggle to get everything done that should get done regularly. A big part of my issue is the washing - there is always so much of it as I've got work and gym clothes to wash as well as the op shop goodies I'm constantly picking up plus all the regulars like towels and sheets. The boy just has never quite grasped how much work is involved in sorting, soaking, washing, hanging out, bringing in, putting away or getting ready for ironing (i get someone to do my ironing). I'm not blaming him at all for my inability to get things done and I think he thinks I am - I'm just as inadequate, if not more inadequate than him.
PLUS I'd already put my small order in for birthday presents with the boy and this morning he says 'oh we'll just have to get the washing machine for your birthday.' I mean WTF!
Anyway, enough ranting ... I chose to wear black today to match my glum mood and again, looking spaz in glasses.
Swap meet tomorrow! YAY! P1040741P1040744 Wearing: Swing dress - FCUK via Vinnies, necklace (or breast plate as my lovely co-worker named it) - Diva, Thongs - Gallaz, Love Bangle & Headband - Diva, Sunnies - Ray Ban prescriptions.
What should I wear on Monday peeps? I promise to be in a much cheerier mood - thanks for listening xxx
Over and Out

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Hel said...

It sounds like you are just having a crappy day/week, but if you are serious about the whole boot camp cleaning thing, google FlyLady.

She's all about making cleaning regimented and easy if you just can't seem to get it done.

I wear my pyjamas all day if I am in a crappy mood. I seriously doubt my blog readers would be interested in what I wear every day!!