Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Twenty Eleven Outfit Work Challenge - Day 7.

I suspect today is going to bring some more bad news for our Toowoomba region. The weather has cleared for now and reports this morning were that the search and rescue down in the Lockyer Valley area will really be amped up today. I hope news is better than the authorities are predicting and they find many of the so far unaccounted people alive. However, hopes are grim and no doubt we will all know someone affected by this oh so terrible tragedy.

But community spirit is alive and well. As I blog, reports are streaming on the radio of a local flood appeal and offers of help and assistance are coming in quick and fast. I'd love to help out wherever help is needed and will definitely put my hand up to volunteer if and when the call goes out.

Thoughts today are not only of the clean up here in Toowoomba and the search and (hopefully) rescue of people in Murphy's Creek, Grantham, Gatton, Withcott, Helidon and other areas, but also with the colossal flood peaks expected in Brisbane and Ipswich. Stay safe and (try) to stay positive!


Today's outfit was inspired by this vintage boyfriend style blazer I picked up at the Salvos last Saturday.p 018

Any challenges for tomorrow? Remember it doesn't have to be a specific colour. It can be a trend, or all second hand, or all items must be branded using a particular letter or ANYTHING else! Just some ideas!

(I have terrible eyesight and always wear glasses or contacts but most of the time really HATE how I look in photos with glasses on. The first photo below is no exception!)

p 015p 017Wearing: Vintage Blazer - Salvos ($3.50), Forever New lace top, Witchery harem pants - Lifeline ($2.50), Novo bow ballet flats - garage sale ($2.00), Diva necklace, Lovisa earrings - gift from a friend, Diva headband.

Over and Out



Erica Louise said...

nice blazer - i like! What about Lilac for tomorrow? Could be a challenge..:)

PJ said...

lilac is definitely a challenge considering I don't think i own anything in that colour but we'll see. If not, I'll take it up once I buy something in that colour!

ness said...

mmmm black with a touch of white being all vintage items is my challenge for the mo

Kate said...

Looking good, and glad all is well (loving seeing the parade of beautiful clothes).

challenge for you (or maybe not) - lowest possible total outfit cost, including shoes and accessories. I think with your thrifting skills, anything under $30 is a success!