Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twenty Eleven Outfit Work Challenge on QLD's Darkest Day - Day 6.

I'm sure you'll all forgive me for my lack lustre attempt at today's turquoise challenge.

I live in Toowoomba which I'm sure you've all seen plastered all over the news due to what they are calling an 'inland tsunami'. Our town has been devastated by the confirmed loss of 8 people with a further 70+ people unaccounted for. All of us here at work today are in a state of shock, on the verge of tears at the sheer scale of this tragedy.

The boy was out working on the roads till 1:30am this morning so I am absolutely exhausted. He called me just as his phone's battery was about to die saying he would be home in one or two or three hours. Six hours later he arrived home and because I couldn't call him I was concerned for his safety.

All of my family and friends are safe and have only reported minor damage. I'm sure we'll all know someone affected by this tragedy. It is only lightly raining at the moment but we are bracing for another downpour sometime today. Let's hope the events of yesterday are never experienced again.

I wasn't really all that keen on doing this post but anyway, here is today's thrown together outfit.

p 002  p 004 

Wearing: Kaftan dress - Cruise, RMK heels - op shop, bangle - Diva.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to the people of Toowoomba, as well as the rest of QLD.

Over and Out



Hel said...

I was watching facebook and looking at all the incredible pictures.... and then the fact that it went down the range onto the poor Lockyer Valley. I feel sick from what happened. I am so happy to hear you are all ok.

I couldn't believe the sheer amount of water. keep safe!

Erica Louise said...

Glad you are alright, and well done for doing today's post considering the circumstances.