Thursday, January 13, 2011

Twenty Eleven Outfit Work Challenge - Day 8.

today's challenge - Lilac. DEFINITELY a hard one - I mean who has lilac in their wardrobe? ... well, apparently I do!

Pastels are definitely tricky to wear, and what made this challenge even trickier is that the ONLY lilac-esque item I have is really a party dress. I thought maybe adding a cardi and flats would work-if-fy it a bit more. What do you think?

p 022 p 021p 021Wearing: Grace & Hart strapless dress - Myer (on sale of course), black long line cardi - Target via Lifeline ($5.00), Siren ballet flats - Myer (on sale of course), Earrings - Lovisa (gift from friend), flower headband - Diva.

Grace & Hart have stunning dresses - not cheap but reasonable if you can get them on sale. I have one other dress from them and as soon as I saw it I HAD to have it.

Here is the model that inspired me to buy it:









and this is me wearing it (with Mr Fiancé looking spiffy in Tommy Hilfiger):

P1000762If you're looking for a super cute dress for an event like the races or a wedding go check out their website -

SO going to try and write my Hanoi post today!

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