Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes


The other day one of my workmates asked me how many shoes I owned and I really had no idea. So I decided to get them all together and do a tally. Of the ones that are at my house there are about 50 pairs. I'd say I have another 5 - 10 pairs at various family and friend's houses.


P1020838 P1020842


How many pairs do you have to own to affectionately be known as Imelda?

Is three pairs of black Havi's a little excessive?

Oh, I realised I forgot to include my boots. I have three pairs of knee high riding style boots, a pair of black leather ankle boots and a pair of Windsor Smith rock style boots mentioned in an earlier post.

Close to half were purchased from op shops/garage sales/eBay, a good proportion from Myer and the rest from other retail shops.

how many pairs of shoes do you own?

Over and Out XOXO


Erica Louise said...

Ah ok you win! 50 pairs of shoes is impressive =) But with half of those bought second hand, you've done well!

J said...

not as many as u... although i shoulf count them one day!!

KANI said...

i have about.. 16 pairs!! haha, i'm in such a shoe shopping moode these days though