Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dreaming of a paw print and dog hair free house

This week's target catalogue has a GORGEOUS quilt set in it which I'd love to put on the Christmas list but fear that man's best friend would ruin its loveliness VERY quickly.


Rocky really thinks he is a human and sleeps probably 50% of the night on our bed. I love him to bits but think we need to kick him out the bedroom - especially if I have one of these quilts!

How can I resist though?


RP1000323Really looking forward to Friday night - Food and Wine Festival as part of Toowoomba's Carnival of Flowers and one of my besties is coming! Hooray for some vino and dancing!

p 255 

Over and Out XOXO


Jeniffer said...

i love your dog

please participate on the giveaway on my blog...

Erica Louise said...

Ohh your beautiful doggy, those puppy eyes! butter wouldn't melt, I'm not suprised you can't resist him sleeping on the bed, I am a sucker for animals, and all of my pets have slept on the bed. My black fur cat still does, and we have white sheets too!! Whoops.

J said...

All class in that pic!! ha ha
That was SUCH a fun night.
Can't wait to see you and patty pie tomorrow night!!