Monday, September 6, 2010

new camera!

I have been thinking about getting an SLR camera for a while now and on Thursday I took the plunge and splurged! I waited until 30 days before we leave for Vietnam because it is classed as duty free and I will get the GST back at the airport.

I got a Sony A380 and so far, I LOVE IT!  I have lots to learn as I have never had an SLR camera before but I am excited. Can't wait for the amazing shots I'm hopefully going to get in Vietnam, China, KL and Honk Kong!


sony front

sony back

Here is my most favourite test shot:


The boy and I did a couple of garage sales on Saturday but it was one of those days where we weren't really feeling it so I have NO finds from the weekend to share. We did go out to Stanthorpe  to visit the boy's mum on the weekend. It is lovely there - on the granite belt in southern Queensland and possibly Queensland's most famous wine region.

Here are some shots of our stay (can't wait to get my tan back!) ...


DSC01411  DSC01414 DSC01470


Think I'm going to have to visit one of my local ops at lunchtime. I miss boasting I mean sharing all my wonderful finds!

Hope your weekend was swell.

Over and Out XOXO

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Erica Louise said...

lovely weekend photos, you guys look like you're having a lot of fun! Your doggie is a cutie-pie.

I am jealous of your near-future asian adventure!