Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vintage Boots & Style Stalking

I don't know how long ago I got these vintage boots but I'm guessing I picked them up at a local op intending to list them on
eBay but after style stalking fellow bloggers like
Kani I wonder if I'd be able to pull them off ... maybe with maroon coloured tights. Do you ever get
envious of other people's style and wish you could pull off something that they are wearing cos they look 'rockin in it?

Yes, I get jealous and I'm
happy to admit it.

I don't really have one particular style. A co-worker actually told me that a group of them had discussed me at a farewell lunch they recently attended. My style ranges from casual to
corporate, boho to rock, sassy to vintage, sporty to surfy and anything and everything in between.

I do like good quality clothes though and you'd be amazed at what you can pick up at charity stores. Some great finds can be found in Toowoomba and some of the better labels that can be found quite frequently are Cue, R.M. Williams and various brands sold at Myer.

I got this preppy R.M. Williams pale pink shirt from my local Lifeline yesterday afternoon for $4.00. I love how the collar and cuffs are contrasted in white and it is in fabulous condition.

I also picked up this owl candle holder the other day at Vinnies for $1. Isn't he cute?

Currently listening to: THE E.H.D - Black Eyed Peas

Currently wearing: Roxy long sleeved top, Miss Sixty via Op Shop black pants, Siren black leather studded ballet flats

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: Ugly Betty

Over and Out XOXO

 Would love ANY comments if anyone out there in Cyberspace is reading!!!


Hel said...

I would LOVE to hear how you find your op shop finds. Are there certain strategies you use? Do you go looking for something in particular? LOVING your blog by the way. xx

Erin said...

I saw a VERY cool chic in The Vintage Lifeline today- I was jealous of her style (I even wanted to ask her to be my friend!) Thanks for the link btw!!! Loving your blog!