Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Treasures from the past in a house from the past … moving towards the future

To say the boy and I have differing opinions on home furnishings is a slight understatement. We live in a 1970’s era house which we have been slowly modernising.
for example
Lounge Room Before and After

p 073
p 149
Kitchen Before and After
pic 001p 002
I am constantly visiting op shops and garage sales and see things that I think are cool to hang, or display but know if I take them home that the boy will turn his nose up at my not-so-modern homewares.
I have managed to sneak a couple of my treasures in and here are some of my favourite pieces.
This Asian hut/shack lamp I picked up at a Garage Sale for $5. It gets so many comments. I love it and the boy thinks it’s pretty cool too.
This cool dude was picked up at a garage sale for $10.00. I bought his lady friend at my favourite twice-yearly church sale for $1.00.
P1010403P1010401    P1010402P1010394
These are just a few of the cool prints I’ve picked up. I love big eye prints but unfortunately the boy doesn’t think they are so great. Boo!
P1010399 P1010392
Got this vintage circus clown ages ago for around $2.00 and Curtis Stone and Gordon Ramsay Cookbooks for $4 each.

The KEY to successful bargain hunting is to be persistent. DO NOT get discouraged if you find nothing! I spent 5 hours garage sale hopping on Saturday and only came away with a pair of earrings and a Tupperware container and yet my urge to do it all again next weekend is unwavering.

Oh how i love a bargain.

Cannot wait for Sex and the City 2 – due out in 2 weeks!!!

Did the RSPCA million paws walk on Sunday. Here are some pics of the other man in my life.

as always would love to hear any comments!

Over and Out XOXO


Thrifted Treasure said...

Love your reno progress so far. I'm dying to buy a place and get stuck into some redecorating!!! I think those big-eyed portraits are so cute and nostalgic :-)

Erica Lou said...

Can't wait for Sex and City 2 aswell! Whoot whoot. Loving your bargain finds for the house, particularly the Asian hut for $5, lovely. Cute dog :)

Cotton Socks said...

wow you've done an amazing job on your renos!!
looks fabulous!!
and what a cutie your pup is.
he must of loved doing the paws walk!
it looks as if he is smiling in the photos!