Friday, October 7, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 174.

Can you believe tomorrow is my hen's celebration? It has come around soooo quickly. I am going to be a bride in 29 days!

Super quick post today as I'm working till lunch so I can do a whole heap of baking for my kitchen tea and then go pick up my wedding dress ... the lady only took like 2 days to do the alterations so I hope it is right.

I got ready at the gym this morning and think I might have to sell this Ralph Lauren top - it's a little bit big for what I like and as you can see, the weather is HORRID! Isn't this supposed to be spring?



jeans: lee riders
top: ralph lauren
belt: river island via asos
flats: Diana Ferrari (definitely have got my $4 worth with these babies!)

Be prepared for a photo heavy couple of posts next week detailing the weekend's shenanigans.

Have a ball whatever you get up to - I'm sure I will!

Over and Out



Roxy said...

Have an awesome hens! Cannot wait to read next week's post and see all your pics :)
Roxy x

Anonymous said...

I cannot WAIT to see your pictures of your hens and wedding!!!

That shirt looks really good on you, I love something that's a littler over sized.


Kat said...

It looks like you guys are getting the same shitty weather that we are. It's currently raining and storming. Have fun at your hen's weekend!!!