Thursday, September 15, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 159.

What a beautiful spring day it is here in Toowoomba, perfect for our upcoming Carnival of Flowers festival. Spring is definitely in the air and I've worn an appropriate outfit for it.



DSC04331  DSC04333  DSC04335        DSC04343 Wearing:
top: red berry @ lifeline
skirt: asos
flats: diana ferrari @ lifeline
cardi: r.m. williams

So looking forward to this Saturday as some of my closest friends and aunties are coming over for some pre-wedding fun - if you can call polishing vintage cutlery and washing old English china fun. I have bought a nice selection of sauv blanc and some bubbly to bribe my workers.

Oh, and one of my dearest friends just sent me a text to let me know she is transferring to a town only an hour away for next year (she is a teacher). She currently lives way out in the country - 8 hours away. Can't wait!

Yay for it being Friday tomorrow.

Over and Out



Confessions of a Brunette Goddess XI said...

Gorgeous! Great style and love the colour its so perfect for this type of weather!

christie said...

YAY! Have fun polishing china! x