Friday, September 2, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 150 + Giveaway Winners!!!

Yay, it's Friday! I frocked up today but kind of didn't really give a frock what I wore today. Something simple and light and perfect for spring! I took these precious photos myself today ... as if you couldn't tell!

Keep on reading to see if you have won one of my giveaway prizes!




DSC04190     DSC04185Wearing:
dress: miss shop
flats: novo (same old, same old)
bracelets: assorted

Drum roll please .....

If you see your name you're a winner! I used a very sophisticated method to select the winners ... names written on paper, crumbled up and swished around in my hand and then randomly selected.

Laura from Kit & Nancy, Nelly from My Friends Call me Nelly and B from atnumber10

Please contact me and let me know where to post!

Over and Out



Nelly said...

Woo hoo I won yay thanks so much you gorgeous lady you.So very excited I know where to put it too.I shall email you with details woo hoo

Nelly said...

I cant find your email to message you
my addy:( So this is my email I will then send you the info xxx I am still excited woo hoo xx

Kenziefaith said...

Cute dress! Congrats to the giveaway winners :-)

kit and nancy. said...

yay! thank you! email me at and i'll reply with my address. happy sunday lovely! xx