Thursday, August 25, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 144.

This post is coming in a bit late today. I'm once again crunching numbers at work which requires my full attention so I'm just breaking for a short time to do my daily post.

Seems I've been feeling a little mellow yellow this week as the colour has appeared predominantly in my outfits in the last couple of days.

Did anyone manage to resist the extra 20% off code that asos so graciously sent us earlier in the week? Me, well no.

This is what I ordered:

Photos taken on my iphone today because silly me forgot to charge the DLSR.

p 1051

p 1052

p 1047 p 1048Wearing:
jacket: esprit outlet
pants: esprit @ lifeline
top: red berry @ lifeline
shoes: diana ferrari

Hmmm, what to wear tomorrow?

Over and Out



Ness said...

Love the Nautical dress

J said...

me too

Nelly said...

That outfit and colour is so nice on you Not a yellow person usually but so suits you

Kat said...

Love the top! I am a sucker for yellow too. I love those shoes you bought too.

aelie said...

I love the striped dress from Asos, so cute! x